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Who is eligible for our home?

People at least 65 years-old who are healthy or who have exceeded the adult home standards but are medically stable.

Residents who require assistance in dressing, grooming, and bathing are welcome.

People with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia conditions are welcome and benefit from integration with our residents who do not suffer from cognitive impairments.

Applicants are asked to demonstrate their abilities in walking and moving about

  • Residents must be able to get in and out of furniture and bed independently or with a one-assist transfer.
  • Residents in wheelchairs must be able to propel themselves and require no more than one assist in transferring to a chair or bed.
  • Even though we have an elevator, residents must be able to go up and down stairs with or without assistance in case of an emergency evacuation or power failure.
  • Residents must be able to eat in the dining room for all meals unless they are sick.

The application and admission process

First, contact us to arrange a personal tour of the home, at which point we will give you an initial application form to complete. You can also download the application now, print it out, complete it, and send it in to us.


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Based on this application, we will conduct a pre-screening to determine whether we can provide the care you need.

If the pre-screening is approved, we will give you an evaluation form to take to your personal physician. This form should be completed by your doctor during an examination, and is based on requirements set by the New York State Department of Health.

The final step is to complete the admission paperwork (involving all financials) in a process that takes about two hours. During this visit, we will establish your move-in date.

Costs (Effective 1-1-2019)

  • Small/medium room (no bath) $94.75 a day = $2,890 per month
  • Medium room (no bath) $100.52 a day = $3,066 per month
  • Large room (no bath) $104.20 a day = $3,178 per month
  • New section rooms w/bath $104.20 a day = $3,178 per month
  • Large room w/private bath $106.52 a day = $3,249 per month

These rates are subject to change by the Board of Directors. All residents receive a 30 day notice of a change in rates. Included in the fees are housekeeping and laundry services, meals and medication management.

Additional charges

Community Fee:  One time $1,000 non-refundable fee to offset the cost of transportation to community events and outings.  Installment payment plans are available for those who need financial assistance.

Patients Pharmacy: Our medication provider is Patients Pharmacy, which bills our residents on a monthly basis. We keep and distribute the medication as ordered by your doctor.

Technology Package:  All rooms are cable and wi-fi enabled.  If these services are desired the cost is $44 per month.

Thursday Hair Dressing: The WCA Home has a hairdresser on site every Thursday. She offers wash and sets, cuts, perms, and colors with varying fees and reasonable rates.

Transportation beyond local: The WCA Home offers free local medical transportation. However, if there is a need for an appointment in Buffalo or Erie, Pa., etc. there will be a $100 charge for the round trip and escort.