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Q. What is the WCA Home?

A. We serve both independent senior women and men and those who can no longer live on their own.  Furthermore, as a New York State-licensed Assisted Living Program facility, we serve people who need even more care than is provided in an Adult Home.  This means our residents can remain here as long as they don’t require the total care of a Nursing Home.

wca008Q. What is the Assisted Living Program?

A. Visit our Assisted Living Program webpage for more answers.

Q. My parent has a long term care policy. Will it cover their charges at the WCA Home?

A. Each policy differs. For example, many long term care insurance will pay for the Assisted Living Program services but may not pay for the Adult home rent. Our Business Office Manager can help you find out what your policy will cover.

Q. Do you manage medication for your residents?

A. Yes, the WCA Home monitors all prescription medicines and distributes the medications as required to each resident. Our medication management and delivery system is computerized and keyed to each individual by photo, and our staff distributes medication personally to each resident.

Q. How does a resident obtain her medication from the pharmacy while living at the home?

A. The WCA Home works with a local pharmacy called Patients First (see its website), which delivers our residents’ medicines to the Home. It accepts most insurance plans. If you want to stay with your current pharmacy, you must pick up the medication or make arrangements for it.

Q. What about doctors?

A.  Residents continue to go use their primary physicians in the local community, just as before. We drive our residents to their doctors’ offices and accompany them.

Q. Can residents have a car while living at the WCA Home?

A. Yes, although the parking is very minimal. There is designated parking available for residents.

Q. Is there someone at the WCA Home that could help my parent with their spending money?

A. The business office offers a personal allowance account to all residents upon admission.

Q. If I am admitted as an SSI resident, what rent will I be expected to pay for the first month and last month?

A. All SSI residents will be expected to pay for a full month no matter when they were admitted during the month. No reimbursement of room rent will be given if a discharge occurs before the last day of the month.

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